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The VIVENS Organization seeks to mitigate the impact of crime and violence against vulnerable populations through multidisciplinary services.

We believe in the power of change so our interventions are aimed to provide direct services to victims, but also support those that work in public safety, so they can be empowered to assess and reduce crime, and also support public health efforts to treat those served and achieve safer and healthier communities.

The holistic and specialized services ultimately
strengthen survivors of trauma for a healthy and productive development and reintegration into society as victors over adversity.

Services We Provide

Consulting services in multiple areas related to criminal behavior, public safety and public health
  • Crime prevention & loss mitigation
  • Criminal Organization Investigations
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Forensic Evaluations and Criminal profiles
  • Risk and Needs Assessments for Rehabilitation
  • Prevention & Treatment of high-risk behaviors, rehabilitation and recidivism
  • Prevention and Treatment of substance abuse
  • Program development and evaluations
  • Research
  • Training
Family adjustment program to support parents and children in the adoption process:
  • Breathing space for parents during the adjustment process for healthy adoption
  • Trauma-informed approach
  • Weekend retreats with holistic therapies
  • Clinical program, based on individual needs, to modify behavior
  • Recreational – educational therapies: arts, music and sports
  • Naturist therapies (horticulture and nature care)
  • Development of social and relational intelligence
  • Support groups for parents
  • Adaptive monitoring of the family environment
  • Prescriptive nutrition
Ambulatory services for high-risk youth

This VIVENS Program provides a therapeutic alternative that seeks to modify high risk behaviors,  strives for change and strengthens participants with regards to their development, social integration, and fullness of life. It includes:

  • Clinical program, based on individual needs, to modify behavior
  • Trauma- informed approach
  • Risks and needs assessment
  • Individual and group therapy treatment
  • Faith-based character building
  • Modification of maladaptive and high risk behaviors
  • Prevention of substance abuse and crime
  • Development of Social and Relational Intelligence
Victim no more: A Domestic Violence program for men and women

The VIVENS Program seeks to minimize the impact of abuse and violence through a specialized therapeutic alternative towards safety, freedom, and fullness of life. It includes:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Adaptive Follow- up care
Residential Program for children and youth:
  • A stable, safe and loving home
  • Trauma-informed approach
  • Tailored bio-psychosocial risks and needs assessment
  • Development of empowerment and self-management through leadership and resilience
  • Comprehensive health care focused on targeted nutrition
  • Spiritual growth through a Christian way life, including the learning of ethics and values
  • Multidisciplinary/holistic clinical program
  • Academic development
  • Recreational arts and therapies, horticulture, music and sports
  • Vocational development
  • Adaptive follow-up care
  • Social and relational intelligence

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Assessment Tools:

Instruments to assess the level of service a client will need.

Violence and Crime

Puerto Rico is considered a high crime and drug trafficking area. Murder rates are higher than most cities in the US and world-wide. In 2021, overall violent crime remained at high levels, with a notable 15.6 percent increase in murders and 31.4 increase in rape.

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Inmate population

Most inmates report history of using and abusing legal and illegal drugs, starting at a young age and mostly untreated. A large number of inmates are also victims of violence, neglect and abuse, especially female inmates.
More than half of the inmates have relatives that have also engaged in criminal behavior and most have relatives that also use and abuse drugs.

Link to information:

Informes Estadisticos – DCR (pr.gov)

Drug Use within our youth:

The use of alcohol, tabaco and illicit drugs has increased in recent years; 13 percent of our youth report marijuana consumption sometime in their lives with an early start of 14 years of age; more than 20 percent consume alcohol regularly. Risk factors include crime, domestic violence, neglect, abuse and community crime.

Link to information:

Consulta Juvenil X-2018-2020.pdf (pr.gov) or VIVENS.

Youth offender

Most offenses are related to robbery; 11 percent related to drug trafficking and very high prevalence of associates who engage in criminal behavior. Most suffer of lack of male parental presence in the home; 42 percent report being victims of child abuse, and this includes all females, mostly negligence and emotional abuse. One third of the youth inmate population are victims of human trafficking or exploitation, especially the female population. At least half of them report being sad and hopeless, and a significant number are suicidal. Most are overweight and lack proper nutrition.

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Overcoming adversity and achieving fullness of life


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